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هاند بلندر 7 براون Hand Blender 7 Braun MQ7045

3,699.00 EGP

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Powerful 1000 W motorThe Braun MultiQuick 7 MQ7045 Blender features a powerful 1000 W motor, lettting you to enjoy efficient blending, chopping and whisking. The PowerBell blending wand features ultra-hard stainless steel blades with large blending surface, while an anti-splash and anti-suction design makes the process quick and straightforward even with hard-to-cut ingredients.

Range of accessoriesWhether you are creating soups, smoothies or purees, the stick blender is an ideal and versatile addition to your kitchen. A 600 ml BPA-free beaker with measurements allows you to blend with ease, while a 350 ml chopper attachment means less tears and mess.You can use the stainless-steel whisk attachment to quickly deal with egg whites or whip cream. For added convenience, the blending wand and attachments are all dishwasher safe.Variable speed settingsQuickly and easily adjust the speed of the MultiQuick 7 to blend food with ease. The SmartSpeed control allows you to work precisely, pushing gently for roughly chopped results or applying more intense pressure for finer results.A safety lock helps to keep you and your family safe while using the blender.