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ميكرويف بالشواية كينوود 42 لتر Microwave With Grill Kenwood 42 Liter MWL425

3,699.00 EGP

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The Kenwood Microwave Oven MWL425

Featuring a huge cooking capacity and built in grill, the Kenwood MWL425 is a powerful addition to any kitchen. The impressive size of this microwave oven makes it perfect for those with large families or who love to entertain, as large volumes of food can be quickly and perfectly cooked, grilled, reheated or defrosted. Open the door to a world of delicious and exciting meal opportunities with Kenwood’s premier microwave oven range.

Microwave Oven - MWL425

Powerful Functionality

The Kenwood MWL425’s best feature is its size. With an impressive 42 litre capacity, no meal is too big for this microwave. Never overcook food again with a generous 99 minute cooking timer, easy to use electronic controls and 7 auto menu programmes. Featuring an integrated grill with 2 combination grill and microwave settings, removable easy to clean metal grill rack, 10 microwave power levels, easy to clean painted interior and child safety lock, the Kenwood MWL425 is an invaluable cooking aid for any chef.