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ميكرويف بالشواية بلاك اند ديكر 30 لتر Microwave With Grill Black & Decker 30 Liter MZ3000PG

3,800.00 EGP

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Do you want to buy a microwave oven online that gives you a complete cooking experience with a button press and minus the mess? The Black and Decker MZ3000PG B5 30L Microwave Oven is perfect for you. This microwave oven has a capacity of 30L, offering an excellent option to cook that large meal in a single setting. It offers five levels of microwave power to let you select the intensity at which you want your food cooked or heated. With its Auto Menu function, you can just sit back and let this incredible device do the work as it automatically cooks your food, according to its nature, accurately and evenly, so it’s just the way you want it. The grill and defrost function offer you quick and efficient cooking. The Black and Decker MZ3000PG B5 30L Microwave Oven reviews declare it an amazing kitchen asset.

Key Features

30 Liter


16.3 Kg

A Powerful Machine

The Black and Decker microwave oven cooks your food optimally. It has an enormous 30L capacity that can cook large batches at a go. It gives an output of 1000W that directly translates to a power packed performance, generating excellent results as it does.

Simple and Easy

This microwave oven looks subtle yet sophisticated in an enigmatic silver finish that will blend with any home decor. Operating it is also very simple with all the functions incorporated onto an easy to use panel. It features a clearly visible digital display with auto menu function that hadns you the liberty of cooking food with the press of a button. The oven weighs a mere 16.3kg and can be easily shifted and handled to suit your needs.