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مكواة شعر دى اس بى Hair Straightener Curly DSP 20109

499.00 EGP

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The DSP Glamor 20109 curling iron has a classic shape, which, in combination with modern plate coating material and heating temperature control, makes it possible to create a wide range of different hairstyles.

The DSP Glamor 20109 curling iron is an innovative curling iron that allows you to create perfectly shaped, super dense, small curls. Its 9mm ceramic barrel is complemented by a tourmaline ceramic coating that not only protects hair from damage, but also adds shine. The digital thermostat works from 250 ° F to 450 ° F and is suitable for all hair types.

The DSP Glamor curling iron does not require special handling skills, but it quickly and easily allows you to create voluminous curls on hair of any length. The heating temperature of the plates has a wide range, which makes it possible to use it for various types of hair.