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محضر الطعام كينوود Food Processor Kenwood FDP301S

1,449.00 EGP

غير متوفر في المخزون

التصنيف: الوسم:
  • محضر طعام كينوود
  • موتور بقوة 800 وات
  • خامة الخلاط: بلاستيك
  • خلاط 1.2 لتر
  • مفرمة 2.1 لتر
  • خامة المفرمة: بلاستيك
  • أداة خفق
  • قرص تقطيع
  • قدم مضادة للإنزلاق

Effort and time saving

Thanks to its handy 2.1 liter processing bowl, 1.2 liter blender and a wide variety of attachments, the Multipro Compact makes chopping, grating, kneading, whisking and grinding quick and simple. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller quantities.

It is great all-rounder

The 800W motor and variable speed dial with pulse will give you total control, ensuring you achieve your desired results every time. To make things even easier for you, both the bowl and blender are run from the same base, saving space on the worktop.

A world of possibilities

This food processor comes with a wide variety of attachments to help you create an array of dishes. The attachments enable you to mix ingredients for cakes and bread, slice and grate vegetables for salads, and squeeze oranges for fresh juice every morning.