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عصارة فواكة كينوود Juicer Extractor Kenwood JEM500SS

1,700.00 EGP

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Use ingredients whole

The extra large feed tube can accommodate even the largest of apples and oranges, helping you cut down on mess and preparation time.


Reduced waste

The efficient pulp extractor gives you more juice and less pulp to throw away. The 2L pulp bin means any waste is cleanly collected.


Precision juicing

Be in control with the two speed settings, so no matter whether you are juicing soft or hard fruits and vegetables, you’ll get great results every time.


Efficient juicing

The powerful 700W motor allows for the efficient extraction of vitamins and nutrients to produce your favourite wholesome juices.


Fresh and clean

Keep your kitchen sides clean and free from sticky spillages with the anti-drip stopper