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عصارة فواكة براون Juicer Extractor Braun J500

2,950.00 EGP

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Enjoy your early morning vitamin boost with the Braun J500 Spin fruit and vegetable juice extractor. This black juicer has a powerful 900W motor. It is designed to extract the most out of your fruits and takes barely half a minute to make a batch of refreshing juice. It has an automatic feeder system with a large 75mm chute that can easily handle whole fruits. This two speed juicer has a stainless steel micro mesh sieve and a foam separator, so you get a clear glass of juice everyday. The anti splash spout helps keep your kitchen surface clean. If you need to pause the flow, simply press the anti drip button to avoid spills.


Speed : 2

Wattage: 900W

Large 75mm chute

High performance juicing system

4 way safety system

Innovative anti-drip system

Easy to clean

Braun Spin Juice Extractor - J500


The J500 is one of those kitchen appliances that need little maintenance. While in use, the anti splash stainless steel spout and anti drip button help keep the surroundings pristine. The juicer comes with a 2 in 1 cleaning brush and cord storage, so it can be cleaned and stored with ease.

Braun Spin Juice Extractor - J500


This J500 is a powerful juicer with a 900W motor. This heavy duty fruit and vegetable juice extractor from Braun is designed with your safety in mind. It has a four way automatic shut off switch to prevent mishaps. It has an anti slip base that will stay firm on your counter when in use.