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تليفون لاسلكى الكاتيل Cordless Telephone Alcatel C250

550.00 EGP

غير متوفر في المخزون

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Go for the nice rounded shape design!

The Alcatel C250 is an easy-to-use product with lively colors to brighten your interior. You will be charmed by its excellent sound quality.
The Alcatel C250 has an extra feature: the dual charging position of the handset.

The hands-free function enables you to pleasantly share your conversations or to continue what you are doing, allowing you full freedom of movement!
You can choose between 10 handset ringtones: 5 classical and 5 polyphonic.

The backlit display allows a perfect readability, while the 20-name-and-number phonebook makes it easy to call your favorite contacts.

Finally, thanks to the log of the last 10 incoming calls*, you will be sure to never miss a call.

*Subject to availability of services and subscriber options offered by telecom provider.