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تليفون الكاتيل Telephone Alcatel S250 COMBO

1,100.00 EGP

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Alcatel S250 Combo is a perfect offer that combines a wired phone and 1 wireless DECT.

With the Alcatel S250 Combo you can enjoy large blue retro-illuminated screen with large characters for better legibility as well as visual comfort, hands-free (wired / DECT) to share your conversations, large keysa dedicated key to redial the last 5 numbers (wired / DECT), caller ID to know who is calling and a phonebook to reach with your contacts at the blink of an eye.

The wired base works in case of a power outage so you never have to worry about being out of reach.

On the wired base, the 2 direct memory keys will give you instant access to your favourite contacts.

Alcatel S250 Combo also offers Intercom, call transfer between base and handset, and three-party conference.