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استبليزر هيمل 1 كيلو Voltage Stabilizer Himel 1k

1,100.00 EGP

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Device Type Stabilizer
Type of control Microprocessor Stablizer
Phase Single phase
VA Rating 150-250V
Input Voltage 150-250V
Output Voltage Under voltage Protecion: 184V ±4V(set up according to the customers request). Over voltage Protection: 246V ±4V.
Frequency 50-60Hz
Correction Speed <1 sec (when input voltage change 10%)
Switching Relay
Amps 4 A RMS
Socket Europe plug terminal connection
Case type Desktop Metal + Plastic (Flame Retardant UL94 V-0)
Response <1 sec (when input voltage change 10%)
Features Automatic protection against: Low, High voltage, spikes and surges. Intelligent time delay, protection against power back surges. Circuit breaker, protection against short circuit and over-load. Single phase, direct wiring for extra security.